HIPAA Training for Privacy: Certified HIPAA Administrator™ (CHA™) Program

A 1-Day HIPAA Administrator Boot Camp

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is about insurance portability, fraud, and administrative simplification. In this 1-Day HIPAA Administrator boot camp we examine the impact of the legislation from the perspective of end users, such as nurses and administrators, responsible for delivering and supporting healthcare related services.

HIPAA Training: CHA™ Learning Objectives

From this Certified HIPAA Administrator™ Training you will learn the following about HIPAA:

  • Overview of the HIPAA legislation and its impact on patients, providers and payment services.

Understand changes that impact patient and medical records.

  • Examine requirements for privacy of patient and payment information.
  • Analyze templates to get started with privacy compliance requirements.
  • Examine key steps such as Gap Analysis and Remediation to initiate Privacy Rule-related projects and activities.

Candidates will know what resources they should access to obtain information and to follow the regulatory process. They will be able to effectively participate in a HIPAA program at their organization. Validate your employees’ HIPAA skills and knowledge as an end user. Get your administrative staff certified as a HIPAA Administrator.

Candidates may take the Certified HIPAA Administrator™ (CHA™) exam over the Internet through HIPAA Certification Online Web-site.

HIPAA Training: CHA™ Target Audience

End users, nurses and administrators responsible for supporting healthcare related services.

Certification, Exam Fees and Course Pricing


HIPAA Academy™ allows class members one year from first registered class date to make up a course that can not otherwise be attended. No monetary refund is available.


HIPAA Academy™ welcomes all complaints in order to satisfy and improve upon all training services provided.

For more information regarding administrative policies such as refunds and complaints, please contact our corporate office at +1.877.899.9974 x23 or info@ecfirst.com.

CHA™ Study Kit

  1.   Certified HIPAA Administrator™ (CHA™) Study Manual & Exam
  2.   HIPAA Quick Reference Cards
  3.   Certified HIPAA Administrator™ (CHA™) Exam

Certified HIPAA Administrator™ (CHA™) Course Outline


Book used: Certified HIPAA Administrator™ (CHA™)

Module 1: HIPAA at a Glance

  • Estimated Implementation Costs
  • Compliance Challenges
  • Do The HIPAA Rules Apply To Me?
  • Business Associate Test
  • If I’m a Covered Entity or Business Associate – What Do I Do?
  • What penalties are there for violations?
  • Should Business Associates Fear Penalties?
  • What if State Laws Conflict?
  • How do the Privacy and Security Acts Differ?
  • What Are the Implementation Deadlines?

Module 2: What is the Privacy Rule

  • Using and Disclosing PHI?
  • Patient Rights
  • Forms, Forms, Forms
  • Notice of Privacy Practice
  • Unique Release Situations
  • Who Are Non-Business Associate Organizations?
  • Employers – What Role Is This Anyway?
  • Government Access to PHI
  • Minimum Necessary Standard
  • Privacy – Can We Talk?
  • Arranging the Office
  • Must I Document and Provide Patient Access to Oral PHI?
  • Are Co-Workers Protected?

  1. Certified HIPAA Administrator™ (CHA™) Study manual
  2. HIPAA Quick Reference Cards
  3. Certified HIPAA Administrator™ (CHA™) Exam

Online HIPAA Training Courses for Transaction, Privacy And Security For Less Than 500 Employees

HIPAAShield™ is available to assist your enterprise projects and initiatives. Please contact ecfirst toll free at +1.877.899.9974 x23 for more information and consulting costs.

Health care provider employees must be trained in the HIPAA privacy and security rules and regulations based on job role in an organization. We have a comprehensive, HIPAA online training course for every employee. The course provides modules on HIPAA awareness as well as modules that contain information employees need to know regarding Privacy, Security and Electronic Transaction. This course is best suited for organization with less than 500 employees.

The HIPAA Academy™ is excited to offer a e-learning training course that will help small organizations train their entire work population in a timely and cost effective manner. Online HIPAA Training is devoted to helping organizations meet the Administrative Simplification Act section 164.530(b)(1). This section requires employers to provide HIPAA awareness and “Job Role” policy training. Our course is designed to reach all level of employees from providers to billing clerks to housekeeping.

Features of the HIPAA e-learning courses

Low Cost Per Trainee
Available 24/7
Interactive Exercises
Content Updated When Rules And Regulations Change
Automated Quizzes And Scoring
Job-Function Specific Learning
Trainees Can Ask Questions
Course Topics Can Be Reviewed Quickly
Completion Certificates Awarded
CME/CEU Credits Available

Health Care Compliance Association (AAPC) / Healthcare Compliance Certification Board (HCCB)

The following courses have recently been accredited for between 1.2 and 3.6 HCCB CE credits through the Health Care Compliance Association (HCCA):

  • Professional Compliance (3.6 CE credits)
  • Corporate Compliance (3.6 CE credits)
  • HIPAA Compliance (3.6 CE credits)
  • Bioterrorism & Disaster Preparation (1.2 CE credits)
  • Patient Safety (1.2 CE credits)
  • JCAHO Accreditation Process and Tracer Methodology (1.2 CE credits)
  • Patient Rights (1.2 CE credits)
  • Infection Control (1.2 CE credits)
  • Documentation for Quality Care (1.2 CE credits)
  • Patient Education (1.2 CE credits)
  • Competency for Quality Care (1.2 CE credits)
  • Reducing Medication Errors (1.2 CE credits)
  • Organizational Performance Improvement (1.2 CE credits)

Note that many of our courses are also accredited for Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits. The above credit information in independent of any CME credit offering

HIPAA Online training for Transaction, Privacy and Security Course Outline


  • Four common HIPAA dilemmas presented as scenarios
  • Brief history of HIPAA regulations

Module I – HIPAA Awareness

  • Brief overview of HIPAA Administrative Simplifications (AS).
  • Introduction of key AS concepts:
    • Covered Entities
    • Protected Health Information (PHI)
    • Notice of Privacy Practices
    • Privacy and Security Policy and Procedure Development
    • Reasonable Safeguards
    • Password Protections
    • Electronic Transaction Formats
    • Code Sets
    • Enforcement and Penalties for Violations
  • Scenarios and exercises
  • Quiz

Module II – Standards for Privacy of Individually Identifiable Health Information

  • Privacy Rule Sub-Module
    • Reviews definitions of key terms
    • Explains what is included in PHI and IIHI
    • Explains de-identification
    • Provides additional Privacy Notice information
    • Scenarios and exercises
    • Quiz
  • Protected Health Information Sub-Module (PHI)
    • Opens with Privacy Notice scenario
    • Explains difference between routine and non-routine uses and disclosures of PHI
    • Explains Authorization Form requirements and when they are needed
    • Scenarios and exercises
    • Quiz
  • Patient Rights Sub-Module
    • Explains when parents have rights to PHI or unemancipated minors
    • Explains patient right to access, inspect and/or copy personal PHI and the exceptions to this right
    • Explains requests by patients to amend PHI
    • Accounting of non-routine disclosures Restrictions on disclosures
    • Scenarios and exercises
    • Quiz
  • Business Associates (BA) Sub-Module
    • Explains requirements for BA contracts
    • Reviews limited covered entity liability for BA misuse of PHI
    • Quiz

Module III – Standards for Security of Electronic Protected Health Information (Revision released Summer, 2003)

  • Electronic PHI Security Introduction Sub-Module
    • Overview of the rule — introduces three areas of electronic security compliance
    • Quiz
  • Administrative Safeguards
    • Reviews nine administrative safeguard standards
    • Explains the required and addressable implementation specifications
    • Scenarios and exercises
    • Quiz
  • Physical Safeguards
    • Reviews four physical safeguard standards
    • Explains the required and addressable implementation specifications
    • Scenarios and exercises
    • Quiz
  • Technical Security
    • Reviews five technical
    • Explains the required and addressable implementation specifications
    • Scenarios and exercises
    • Quiz

Module IV – Standards for Electronic Transactions and Code Sets (SETCS)

  • Electronic Transactions Introduction Sub-Module
    • Explains implementation deadlines
    • Eight transaction format categories
    • Quiz
  • Implementation Suggestions Sub-Module
    • Explains importance of information flow
    • Provides examples of information that should be included in process
    • Exercise
    • Quiz

Module V – HIPAA Yearly Compliance Update

  • An annual update that provides supplementary information about one or more of the HIPAA Rules
  • Privacy Rule Update Sub-Module (for 2004)
    • Key Office for Civil Rights (OCR) clarifications about Notices of Privacy Practices and Authorizations
  • Protected Health Information (PHI) Update Sub-Module (for 2004)
    • Key OCR clarifications about PHI disclosures to third-parties such as family, friends, employers or clergy
  • Patient Rights Update Sub-Module (for 2004)
    • Key OCR clarifications such as Personal Representatives of patients, parental rights and emergency treatment
  • Business Associates Update Sub-Module (for 2004)
    • Covers key OCR clarifications about what business associate agreements must cover and to whom they apply
  • Quiz

 On-site HIPAA Training at your Location!

From one hour workshops for all employees to 2 or 3 day certification classes on HIPAA, we can deliver a customized training class at your site. On-site training saves your organization money, time and the program can easily be tailored to meet your specific requirements.

The customized content can include focus on certain areas of the curriculum with less focus on others and using examples relating to your specific business. Each day can accommodate 20-30 participants with a minimum of five (5) students. The training is delivered by a Certified HIPAA Trainer and will include courseware manuals. Your organization is responsible for providing the training room.

The dates of your private class can be flexible. We can train during a weekend to accommodate your business schedule. For a training proposal or to discuss your requirements, please contact the HIPAA Academy™ at +1.877.899.9974 x23.

Get HIPAA Reference Cards Now!


The Certified HIPAA Administrator™ (CHA™) exam is administered online through the HIPAA Certification Online and can be taken 24 hours a day, worldwide.

Please follow the link (https://www.hipaacertificationonline.com/registration.html) to HIPAA Certification Online and register as a new user. Be sure to fill out the contact information so your CHA™ certificate can be mailed to you after successfully completing the exam.

The testing fee of $695 can be made with a credit card via a secure Web page.

If you have questions or problems please contact HIPAA Certification Online Customer Care at +1.888.596.0933 Monday-Friday, 9 AM – 5 PM PST or e-mailing Registration@HIPAACertificationOnline.com.


The Certified HIPAA Administrator™ (CHA™) exam validates knowledge and skills in the core area of HIPAA Administrative Simplification with emphasis in the Privacy Rule requirements.

Exam Name
Number of Questions
Time Allowed
Passing Score
Exam Format
60 Minutes
HIPAA Certification Online

The Certified HIPAA Administrator™ (CHA™) exam fee is $695. Exam fees are not included in training costs. The exam is delivered by HIPAA Certification Online over the Internet.

Distribution of Questions

The Certified HIPAA Administrator™ (CHA™) Exam is based on 2 Areas. The percentages of each domain in the exam are defined in the following Table:

Examination Areas Percentage of Exam
1.0 – HIPAA Administrative Simplification Overview 30%
2.0 – HIPAA Privacy 70 %
Total 100 %

Important Note: All Percentages are Approximate and Subject to Change at any time.

 If the candidate does not pass the CHP certification examination, he or she may register to take the certification examination online at a discount of $100

Certification Renewal

The CHA™ certification is valid for three years. Recertification costs $695 and you will get an updated copy of the CHA™ manual and a new certificate. If you do not renew your certification within the three year period you will be required to retake the CHA™ exam and pay $695.


There is no prerequisite for this course. CHA™ is a subset of CHP certification which is level 1 of HIPAA Certification. No other educational qualifications required. If you plan to pursue CHP then you should not take CHA™ certification and move directly for CHP.

  1. Administrators of medical providers
  2. Key senior level employees in health care providers
  3. Nurses
  4. Key senior managers in any organization that handles healthcare data.
  5. Healthcare senior executives
  6. Healthcare service bureau executives
  7. Chief Information Officers of covered entities
  8. Insurance company senior executives
  9. Business Associates to covered entities

The CHA™ training provides a high level overview of the requirements and impact of the HIPAA Privacy Rule legislation and regulations on any organization that retains to Protected Health Information. The CHA™ course examines the impact on patients, providers, and payment services. It also presents a high level overview of the HITECH Act and the Omnibus fina rule. The CHP course is a more in depth presentation of the details of HIPAA/HITECH Privacy and Security legislation. The CHP delves into the details of the transaction and code sets, the required privacy documents, and other requirements necessary to become HIPAA compliant.

You can prepare for your certification in three different ways:

  1. Instructor-led Training: Cost $695*
  2. Online Course & Exam: $745
  3. Self-study through CHA™ certification study kit $655

* This cost does not include exam fees.

You should buy the self study CHA™ certification kit from the HIPAA Academy™. This is the same study material used in the Instructor-Led training.

The exam is available online. You can take this test from any where at anytime. For more information, please contact Kris Laidley at +1.515.987.4044 ext 25 or Kris.Laidley@ecfirst.com.

The CHA™ exam is available to you online for up to 6 months. We call this a “voucher”; however you must pre-pay for the exam.

If the candidate does not pass the CHA™ certification examination, he or she may register to take the certification examination online for $395. Please call +1.515.460.3481 to register for the re-take. You can register here.

You can register by paying through credit card online by visiting our Online Store. To pay through check, download the fax form and send it with the check. It is advisable to fax the form on +1.515.460.3481 so that a seat is reserved till the payment is received.

The certificate will be sent to you by the HIPAA Academy™. If it is not received in within 4 weeks of passing the exam, then please contact Kris Laidley at +1.515.987.4044 ext 25 or Kris.Laidley@ecfirst.com.

The CHA™ certification is valid for three years. Recertification costs $695 and you will get an updated copy of the CHA™ manual and a new certificate. If you do not renew your certification within the three year period you will be required to retake the CHA™ exam and pay $695.

“A lot of information covered. Appreciated. Overall rating of the Course: 8. Overall rating of the Instructor: 9.”
Jason Folks

“Very comprehensive always. This course was very good. Overall rating of the Course: 10. Overall rating of the Instructor: 10.”
Aaron Fraser

“I found the training very useful. I was not very aware of HIPAA. After the training, I can say that I can help our company to practice the policies and rules strictly. Overall, CHA™ Program was very useful and entertaining as well. Program provides a deep understanding of what is HIPAA, and best practices to comply with it. Course rating: 10. Instructor rating: 10.”
Jan Christopher Larin
Visaya KPO

“CHA™ training has enlightened me with basic understanding of HIPAA law. Detailed and experienced speaker with terrific understanding of HIPAA.”
Paul Michael Santiago
Visaya KPO

“Each topic in the CHA™ Program was properly presented and very well explained. Course rating: 10. Instructor rating: 10.”
Melchisedec Eborde
Visaya KPO

“Great manual for the CHA™ Program. Great explanation, and terrific instructor/trainer. A very enlightening session. Details of the general things I know were discussed and questions in my mind were answered. The trainer was knowledgeable and able to answer our queries.”
Jan Michael Lim
Visaya KPO

“This course provided an excellent opportunity to test my knowledge of HIPAA. The quizzes were thought provoking and Lorna was very personable and knowledgeable. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants a basic to intermediate understanding of HIPAA whether you are a covered entity, business associate or subcontractor.”
Edward Dailo
Second Image National

“The class is a great learning tool having little to no prior experience with HIPAA. The examples are helpful in understanding how the complex requirements apply to real life situations.”
Stephanie Chin
Box, Inc.

“Mr. Pabrai has been extremely flexible and has accommodated all of our requests to deliver a very successful session at Coimbatore. We are happy we got a chance to work with the best! We definitely had a great value add and I’m sure we will continue to work with him for trainings in the future.”
Nandhini P.
Payoda Technologies

“The strengths of the course included a detailed explanation of the HIPAA rules, applications and implications. The course will help me leverage HIPAA and all of its related content in a far better way so that Payoda is compliant in all of its operations.”
S. Vijayakumar
Payoda Technologies

“The training material and the confidence level of the instructor were the strengths of the course. The whole training program was an absolute eye opener on HIPAA. As an organization trying to USA healthcare domain, this course was very much needed by Payoda. It was very well delivered by Mr. Pabrai. Thanks to The HIPAA Academy and Payoda.”
Sujana Arul Selvi
Payoda Technologies

“The clarity and detailed information on key topics of HIPAA were the strengths of the course. The course was very useful in getting knowledge of HIPAA and other related key topics.”
Kirubha Chinaa Gounder
Payoda Technologies

“Mr. Pabrai’s training was excellent. I got insight into how to use HIPAA compliance in our products and services. The strength of the course was the knowledge of HIPAA acquired with practical application to Payoda."
Vaskar Mistri
Payoda Technologies

“The instructor spent the time well for training us about HIPAA. The course covered everything related to HIPAA. Repetition of key topics helped us know more and better understand HIPAA. Overall, the instructor covered every aspect of HIPAA.”
Prabhakar D.
Payoda Technologies

“It was great knowledge to understand HIPAA as part of the work we do. It has helped me to know the USA healthcare industry. Better understand how patient data is managed and governed. Got a good understanding of the HIPAA regulation.”
Bharath K.
Payoda Technologies

“Trainer, materials, presentations, and examples provided were a strength of the training provided. Training was very helpful to understand HIPAA from ground zero. The instructor was good in articulating many scenarios in a simple language and terminology.”
Harish Kashyup
Payoda Technologies

“Lorna built great rapport with our group and moved us quickly through material, but with key stories and illustrations to make it understandable. She has a great sense of humor and is very knowledgeable. I feel I have a good grasp of HIPAA compliance requirements after taking this class.”
Lisa Rolfs
Konica Minolta

“Lorna is very prepared and experienced. It’s a lot of information to cover in 2 days, but I feel the information was detailed and simplified enough to help me absorb it all. Thank you!”
Lynn Mohn
Arches Health Plan

"The instructor-led course was effective and covered all aspects of the HIPAA Final Rule well. Mr. Ali Pabrai came across as a very knowledgeable person on HIPAA and brought with him a wealth of implementation experience across various healthcare organizations. Course rating 10. Instructor rating 10! Effective instruction communication and the enthusiasm of the instructor were strengths of the CHA™ Program."
Dinesh Ganesan
Healthcare Consultant

"Very good job by the instructor. He was able to address all the queries from the participants in the class. I would like to thank the instructor for sharing his invaluable knowledge and experience. Course strengths included focused content and instructor communication."
Dr. Ram Deepak
Scope e-Knowledge

"Strength of the CHA™ Program included an overall understanding of HIPAA and the Privacy Rule, including key terminology."
Bibhudatta Mishra
Apollo Hospitals

"The CHA™ Program is really enriching and will help me get my organization to be more current on HIPAA compliance requirements. Up-to-date information and examples."
Praveen S.
Transcend India Pvt. Ltd.

"Mr. Ali Pabrai is an excellent trainer. he has in-depth knowledge and explains in the simplest language. His training has been so interesting that the entire day-long session was very captivating. The instructor was very well prepared."
Prasant Kumarkar
Scope e-Knowledge

"The CHA™ Program is a very useful session for anyone who is looking for in-depth information about HIPAA and the healthcare domain. Training materials and the knowledge of the instructor were the strengths of the program."
P. Saravanan
I-link Multitech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

"Working with the biggest healthcare group in India, the CHA™ Program curriculum is going to help standardize the practices globally for our enterprise. The strength of the CHA Program is the coverage of the regulatory standards followed in the USA, which may be applicable to the Indian healthcare industry."
Surjyaku Das
Apollo Hospitals

"Very interactive and informative program, CHA™. Especially thank Mr. Ali Pabrai for providing deep insight on the HIPAA Privacy Rule."
Dr. Subhash Gundla
Vision 2K, Inc.

"CHA™ is a good program. Now have an understanding on the requirements of the HIPAA Privacy Rule. Would recommend the CHA Program to my colleagues."
Sowmitra Deshmukh
Vision 2K, Inc.

"CHA™ has a very well laid out curriculum. Easy to understand without too much prior knowledge. The material was covered very systematically. The instructor was very effective. The course was informative and fun."
Veena Reddy Endula
Vision 2K, Inc.

"The CHA™ Program provided detailed insight into HIPAA and its impact. Very useful, informative course and definitely an impressive instructor."
Dr. Murali Mohan
Vision 2K, Inc.

"The CHA™ Program came across as a very interactive program with high energy from the instructor throughout the session."
Sunil Marampallay
Vision 2K, Inc.

"Mr. Pabrai has delivered an excellent program on HIPAA where I could gain maximum knowledge about HIPAA compliance. I thank him for delivering the CHA™ Program and to make the content understandable to me.”
Dr. B. Padmalatha
Vision 2K, Inc.

"CHA™ is a very well-organized program. Highly knowledgeable instructor in privacy and security and importance of following HIPAA."
P. Anil K. S. Moses
Vision 2K, Inc.

"Mr. Pabrai has presented the CHA™ Program in a very good manner. It has opened up ideas for us to re-organize and structure our work to ensure compliance."
G. Subramanya
Vision 2K, Inc.