The HIPAA Academy™ Certified Solutions Program is a listing of products that the HIPAA Academy™ has independently certified based on the current HIPAA Regulations. The HIPAA Academy™ has evaluated the following products for their HIPAA value and grants it’s HIPAA Academy™ Solutions Certification Seal. No single product or solution can make an organization HIPAA Compliant. The HIPAA Academy™ in conjunction with one or several of these products can develop a total compliance solution for you.
Benefits of HIPAA Certified Product:

  • Clearly identify the specific standards and implementation specifications that your software is in compliance with the HIPAA Security legislation.
  • Use the HIPAA Academy™ Certified Product logo for your marketing and promotional activities.
  • Display your commitment in helping clients meet their HIPAA Security compliance requirements.
  • Better business practice to show your product has been validated by an independent third party.
  • Get an edge over competitors in the industry.
  • Your organization and product will be identified in our risk analysis consulting projects as a potential solution to identified non-compliant areas.
  • 10% discount on all the HIPAA Academy™ Online Store items.
  • HIPAA awareness training for your Sales and IT staff which will help them to effectively market your HIPAA Security Compliant product.


If you are interested in learning more about these products or having the HIPAA Academy™ validate the quality of your product please call Karen Durbin at +1.877.899.9974 x23 for further details.


HIPAA Checkup Compliance Software

HIPAA Checkup is an automated software program that walks your practice through the HIPAA compliance process step by step. It includes all of the required and essential HIPAA ocumentation and provides your
practice with exclusive tools, tips and guides that make HIPAA Checkup the easiest path to HIPAA compliance.

The HIPAA Checkup line of automated compliance tools were designed specifically for small and medium-sized healthcare practices. Whether you need a little help or a lot, HIPAA Checkup includes all the resources you need to get through compliance in the quickest, easiest way possible.

We are so sure that HIPAA Checkup is the best HIPAA-compliance product available that we offer a 100%, unconditional satisfaction guarantee – if you don’t think HIPAA Checkup is the best approach for you HIPAA compliance project just return it within 90 days for a full refund – no questions asked!

We also back up HIPAA Checkup with an exclusive $10,000 Compliance Assurance Guarantee – we are so confident that HIPAA Checkup can protect your practice from HIPAA-related fines that, as long as you are using HIPAA Checkup in the way it was intended, we’ll even pay the first $10,000 of any federally-imposed HIPAA fines. You won’t get that kind of peace of mind from any other HIPAA compliance product.




About MediNotes Corporation

MediNotes Corporation has steadily gained market share in many medical specialties with a simple philosophy of making an electronic medical record system that works effectively for physicians and medical staff. Their goal has been to include the functionality of other systems at a more affordable price, and then to back the system with a knowledgeable and responsive technical support department. The future holds many changes for the medical records industry, but MediNotes believes that they are poised well for the change to EMR by providing an innovative and effective documentation solution at an attractive price.

Charting Plus(tm) Electronic Medical Records
Charting Plus(tm) is one of the most effective and affordable EMR packages on the market today. With Charting Plus(tm), practitioners can chart at the point of care using Tablet PC’s on wireless networks. Patient records are simultaneously available to users over the network. Charting Plus(tm) improves efficiency – generates codes directly from the documentation, allows nurses and doctors to share documentation responsibility (and accountability), referral letters and prescriptions take only a few mouse clicks to create. Charting Plus(tm) 4.3 has been certified for compliance with HIPAA regulations by the HIPAA Academy.


About Secure Resolutions, Inc.

Secure Resolutions, Inc., a software development Company, is providing an independent, integrated IT policy driven managed antivirus solution for the enterprise market. Secure Resolutions, Inc. enables enterprises to secure their IT infrastructure more effectively, easily and profitably by providing an intelligent suite of integrated security products.
About the product Resolution Anti-virus™

Our unique Antivirus Management application lets IT administrators deploy up-to-date virus protection across their whole network with thepush of one button, providing complete desktop and file server protection. We provide real time reports on desktops and file servers,
overall stats on the enterprise, plus a host of management and administrative options, using our patent pending Hands-Off Technology™.
The solution is simple, elegant, and incredibly cost effective.

Key Features:

  • Global control over all Workstations and Servers
  • Automatic Installation (even over multiple domains)
  • Daily automatic updates
  • Hands-Off Technology™
  • Web based administration
  • Policy management
  • Centralized management reports
  • Bandwidth management
  • Fault tolerance
  • Free basic support


About Palisade Systems, Inc

Palisade Systems, Inc. helps organizations manage and protect critical network assets against a variety of threats from benign utilization issues to malicious attacks. The company’s appliances offer easy-to-implement, proactive approaches to control network level access, filter Internet and application access, and provide “decoy” style intrusion detection. Since its founding in 1996, the company’s products have been installed in hundreds of businesses, schools, and universities across the country.

About the product FireBlock

The cornerstone of Palisade’s offering is its new FireBlock appliance, which addresses the single largest source of risk for security incidents on an internal network today. FireBlock is a network security appliance that allows organizations to manage network-level access to services and systems on internal networks. Healthcare providers and organizations can use Palisade Systems’ FireBlock appliance to protect patient health information from unauthorized access and dissemination. The appliance helps the organization to easily configure and enforce access policies to protect network resources, servers and services on the network.
FireBlock defines and enforces access policies at the network-level, terminating any unauthorized traffic. Through audit logs, built-in databases, real-time notification, and reports, each access can be


About Briggs Corporation

Briggs Corporation offers a variety of solutions to address HIPAA compliance. As leading supplier of certified HIPAA compliant professional documentation systems and forms, charting equipment and supplies, Briggs’ industry and regulatory knowledge ensures quality products that address the needs of the health care industry.

Designed by health care professionals and a team of legal experts, Briggs’ extensive, in-stock inventory of certified HIPAA documentation is ready to ship the same day when you place an order by 4:00 p.m. Central Time. Call a Briggs Representative today at 1-800-247-2343 to learn more about certified HIPAA compliant professional documentation systems and forms.


About RSA Security Inc.

Designed to enable authentication, control access to information, protect confidentiality and data integrity, provide audit trails and establish non-repudiation, RSA Security’s solutions directly address HIPAA’s requirements for technical security services and technical mechanisms for data transmitted over a network, as well as electronic signatures. In addition, the solutions provide support for some of the administrative procedures and physical safeguard requirements. To build custom applications that integrate security, RSA Security provide tools for developers.

About Microsoft’s BizTalk Accelerator

The BizTalk Accelerator for HIPAA will allow companies to very quickly implement and continually maintain HIPAA transaction standards using a scalable, reliable and available enterprise-class server platform. The BizTalk Accelerator for HIPAA enables healthcare organizations of all sizes to interoperate and integrate between multiple platforms, interfaces and business processes to quickly implement and continually maintain HIPAA standards, and helps organizations reduce the amount of time and money they need to spend to comply with HIPAA regulations.

please contact Kris Laidley at +1.515.987.4044 ext 25 or Kris.Laidley@ecfirst.comm to discover how the HIPAA Advisor can help your organization become, maintain and use HIPAA compliance as a positive advantage.